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Unlock actionable insights and elevate customer experience with our comprehensive suite of solutions tailored to drive business success.



Discover the retail experience like never before with our mystery shopping services.

From evaluating customer service and product availability to assessing store cleanliness and ambiance, our mystery shoppers provide valuable insights to help retailers enhance their operations and exceed customer expectations.


Elevate your hospitality business with our tailored mystery shopping solutions.

Whether you're a hotel, restaurant, or spa, our mystery shoppers meticulously evaluate every aspect of the guest experience, from service quality and staff professionalism to food presentation and facility cleanliness.


Gain actionable feedback to deliver memorable experiences and foster guest loyalty.

Banking & Financial Services

Transform your financial institution's customer experience with our comprehensive mystery shopping programs.

Our evaluators assess service quality, branch efficiency, and compliance with industry regulations.


Whether in-person or online, we provide actionable feedback to help banks and financial services organisations enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Enhance patient satisfaction and streamline operations with our healthcare mystery shopping solutions.

From hospitals and clinics to dental offices and pharmacies, our mystery shoppers evaluate every touchpoint of the patient journey, including appointment scheduling, staff courtesy, and facility cleanliness.


Gain valuable insights to improve patient experience and healthcare delivery.


Stay ahead in the competitive telecommunications industry with our targeted mystery shopping services.

From assessing customer service responsiveness and technical support quality to evaluating sales processes and product knowledge, our mystery shoppers provide valuable insights to help telecom companies deliver exceptional customer experiences and drive retention.


Revolutionise the car-buying journey with our automotive mystery shopping services.

Our experienced evaluators go undercover to assess sales techniques, customer interactions, and dealership processes.

From showroom visits to test drives, we provide detailed feedback to help dealerships optimise their operations and drive customer satisfaction.

Melon Metrics provides training sessions for frontline staff based on the insights gained from mystery shopping evaluations. This could include customer service training, sales techniques, and product knowledge enhancement.

Training & Development

We offer consulting services to businesses based on the findings of mystery shopping evaluations. Help businesses develop strategies to improve overall customer experience and satisfaction.

Customer Experience Consulting

By conducting surveys and/or focus groups, we are able to assess consumer perceptions of our clients' brands. This could involve gathering feedback on brand image, product packaging, messaging effectiveness, and brand reputation.

Brand Perception Studies

Additional Services

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